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Finally an ALL in One Platform That Gives You Everything You Need To Build a Long Term Profitable Online Business WITHOUT Getting Bogged Down By Tech.
KLEQ is the simple, effective and fast way to build a long term successful online business without ever struggling with tech, spending a fortune on programmers or getting frustrated trying to stitch together multiple tools together.

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Most Common Questions We Receive:
KLEQ is an all in one hosted solution helping online entrepreneurs, coaches and information publishers create, Launch and profit from their knowledge. Easily create online courses, membership site and sell access online with any kind of marketing funnel you can think of.

Have a look at the home page of our website and the features page for more details.

KLEQ has been built from the ground up for online marketers by online marketers. Our members include coaches, authors, podcasters, bloggers, Vloggers, experts who want to build a profitable online business by packaging what they know into online courses or a membership site and sell access to it online.
We have members just starting out who want a stress free easy to use platform to setup everything and we also have 7 figures experts who want more leverage by taking advantage of our advanced pro tools.
Our mission is very simple, we want you to have all the tools you really need to build a Long term successful and profitable online business.

Our goal is for you to have ONE all in one platform so you never have to struggle and getting bogged down with expensive suppliers, buggy plugins or extra tools to run your online business.

Everything you need to succeed is Built in.
When you become a KLEQ member you'll have everything you need to start creating pages, marketing funnels, accept payments online, deliver online courses and setup your membership site.

Your KLEQ site will connect directly with your own Stripe or Paypal account so you can receive funds your clients pay (We never take any fee for that).

Simply select the email system you prefer such as Active Campaign, Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft etc to start emailing your contacts. KLEQ deeply integrates with the most popular email systems so you are always in control of your most important business asset.
One of the main reason so many people are making the switch to KLEQ is because of the outstanding support available.

Pretty much available 24/7 if you have any question about the platform our team is here for you.

The way we do this is three fold: via our dedicated Knowledge Base, via premium email support and via private live chat.

Whenever you get stuck you'll know someone is right there ready to help you out.

When you sign up to KLEQ you will receive 1 License that you can activate with a domain name. Each KLEQ license can be activated with ONE domain name.

If you want to use different domain names you can purchase additional licenses.

Alternatively what many members do is setup their KLEQ license with an "Umbrella"/Generic domain name that they can use for different courses or funnels.

If you have other domain names then you can easily setup a domain forwarding so the user can land on a page in your umbrella domain.

If you are an agency with multiple clients, we invite you to instead join our referral program, share KLEQ with your clients and earn 40% recurring on every sale.

Every platform is different and they all have different features. So before answering this question it is important for us to share some of our values and beliefs.

#1 - We know how much work it takes to build a software as a service business so we respect anyone who is working hard to build their platform..

#2 - We focus exclusively on Our customers (that's YOU) and the vision we have for KLEQ The truth is we could not care less about what anyone else is doing.

#3 - We are therefore NOT going to start criticizing any other platforms or have some made up (quickly outdated) "list of features" in a X vs Y type of article. That is not our style

Having said that, here is a list of reasons why some of our members have selected KLEQ (or have switched from other platforms to KLEQ).

+ The outstanding service provided by the support team available 24/7.

+ The ever growing amount of new features available to help you build your audience and maximize your sales.

+ The fast response time from the awesome Dev team. If anything happens we got your back and it will be fixed asap.

+ The ease of use combined with the power weapons available. Anyone without prior experience can get started fast.

+ The advanced tools available to pro level players who want to do More.

+ The deep automation and segmentation widgets to help you get more leverage.

+ The fact that everything is built in: Page builder, Members area, Online Courses, Funnel Builder, Shopping Cart, Affiliate system, Blog System, Upsell tools, Split Testing, Tracking, Customer Management, Gamification, Quizes, Viral shares & More!

+ The complete control you have over your most important business assets (your content and email subscribers)

+ The amazing KLEQ Academy available to all members filled with training and resources to help you make more sales

There is a whole lot more for you to discover.

We invite you to take our 30Days trial and experience it for yourself.

No absolutely not! You can finally stop struggling with a bunch of plugins to try to make your business work.

With KLEQ you can build any kind of web page and have your own blog if you want to.

Our mission is to help you speed up your results by providing all the tools you need to succeed.
As explained by James Schramko on the video above (the creator of the OTR concept) OTR is about being in control of your business assets NOT about controlling every single piece of tech...

That is why so many are making the switch to KLEQ

Unlike other platforms, with KLEQ you are ALWAYS in CONTROL of your most important business assets. These are your email list and your content.

Listen to James for more details!
Yes absolutely, unlike other solutions you can easily use your own domain name with KLEQ. When activating your license you have 2 options you can select to use one of our domain names or you can simply add your own.

The team will then set everything for you, your site will be setup, the database will be setup, the daily back up will be setup.

Yes absolutely, you can build any kind of page with our easy to use page builder.

The website you are on right now is 100% made with KLEQ

In fact we have a 1 click Website installation. Just select the "Website" page pack inside KLEQ and all the pages you need will be setup for you: Home Page, About Page, Product Page, Landing Page etc etc

Yes absolutely! Not only are you getting full access to KLEQ but you are also getting the best online marketing training to help you take your business to the next level.
This is done in 2 ways.

#1 through the training provided in the Knowledge base where we have a library of quick help guides to get you up and running fast with KLEQ.

Then #2 as a member you get full access to the KLEQ Academy where you'll find a collection of masterclasses. Here is a sneak peak:
Funnel Mastery: Deploy the most profitable funnels fast!
The Sale Copy Shortcuts
The List Ignition
Traffic Bootcamp
Membership Site Profits
Content Creation Bootcamp
Outsourcing Blueprint
Your Course in A Weekend
Streaming Like a Boss
The SEO Checklist
Virtual Summit Blueprint

Other Frequent Questions We Receive:
Our support team is available to help you and will respond in less than 12 hours--although we’re usually MUCH faster than that.

During regular business hours, we have live chat, premium email support, and an easy-to-search Knowledge Base.

You won’t be alone on this!

Yes, you can use any emailing service and any autoresponder. We have deep integration with:

Active Campaign

This means you can do amazing things such as applying tags, changing custom fields or send webhooks in your email systems directly from KLEQ

This is how you open an entire world of automation giving you more leverage and more freedom.

And if you are not using one of the systems listed above you can easily use Zapier to connect to any email system in the world and take advantage of our advanced automation and segmentation features.

The software is VERY simple to use. If you’re able to log on to a computer and check your email, you’ll have no problem using it. Unlike alternatives, KLEQ is a simple & intuitive interface that makes creating advanced campaigns easy.
No! You get it all for FREE!

We are constantly updating KLEQ with awesome new features to help you grow your audience, make more sales and take your business to the next level.

Because KLEQ is a cloud based platform, whenever we publish new features you'll instantly get them on your account as well!
You’re completely protected by an unconditional money-back guarantee that begins the day you become a member/start the trial and extends all the way through the first 30 days.

You can find our refund policy here:

Yes! As part of the membership you’ll have a say in the direction of the software, and the team is happy to consider specific feature requests.
Yes absolutely, you can build a recurring revenue business with KLEQ and sell access to your content on a subscription basis.
Yes absolutely everything is optimized with mobile in mind. It works beautifully on desktop tablets and phones.
If you later decide KLEQ is not for you. If you don't think KLEQ is the best solution to create and sell your knowledge online, You can simply contact the support team and easily cancel your trial subscription.

You will lose access to the bonus training, coaching and support but will be able to use KLEQ until your next billing cycle and you won't be charged again.
As with most "software-as-a-service" platforms, when you cancel your account you will have access to your website until the end of the current billing cycle if you need to migrate content to another place.

After the end of your billing cycle your website will be archived and deleted from our servers.

But don't worry, before canceling you have the opportunity to download csv files of your members or you can ask the team to "pause" your account and we'll keep everything backed up waiting so you can come back again later!
No you do not need to host your site. KLEQ takes care of everything and the team will also setup all the daily backups.
Yes absolutely, KLEQ comes built in with a ton of SEO tools to help you boost your search engine rankings.

Easily add SEO meta data to any post or pages. Tweak the title, description, keywords and image.

Optimize your article content superfast, enhance your urls and easily update search engines with your own sitemap.

Everything is drag n drop easy
Yes absolutely you can sell anything you want with KLEQ, we have beautiful order pages built in so you don't have to purchase another Cart system.

You can create unlimited order pages and get up and running fast with Stripe and Paypal

It gets better because you can also deploy 1-click upsell pages with Stripe AND paypal so you can increase your sales

And yes it does integrate with any system because we have webhook technology available. So whatever you are using it will work.

We have members who sell ebooks, physical products and even services.

Yes you can simply add your tracking code such as google analytics or facebook tracking or conversion pixels right there on any pages with the page options. you can easily copy and paste them in the boxes inside KLEQ. It's very easy
Yes absolutely, all pages are Adwords approved and you can easily tweak them using the page builder if you need to display something specific. Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC, they'll all work
Yes! Security is our number one priority.

We built KLEQ from the ground up to make sure all your pages, users, courses are safely stored and managed.

Every website is backed up daily and weekly giving you an extra layer of protection.

Say goodbye to worrying about site vulnerabilities created by some "pluggin" updates... we take care of everything for you.

No! There are no long term contract or anything like that!

You can use KLEQ on a month to month basis and cancel at Any time. Just shoot an email to the support team.
No! We created KLEQ so you'll never have to struggle dealing with tech or have your own I.T. team...

Simply login to the platform, use your mouse and start creating pages, funnels, courses and more!
No, we're a hosted, "software-as-a-service" platform. We do this so that we can make sure you get all of the updates, new features, and so your members area, funnels and automation won't break.
Yes! Because KLEQ is hosted on one of the most robust cloud servers in the world (powered by liquid web and backed up by Cloudflare Security + CDN).

This means, our sites virtually scale up and down instantly based on the number of visits hitting the pages.
You are! KLEQ was built from the ground up so you would always be 100% in control of your most important asset.

When you become a member you receive a license to use the software.

This mean we are the owner of the software but you are the owner of the data that you use with the software.

All the images you upload, the members you get, all come from you.

And if you ever need to cancel, you can easily export your members, get a back up of your uploaded files.
Yes! You can purchase the Mobile App add on and your members will be able to experience your members area on the Go.

Think of it like Coaching in Your Pocket!

The mobile app is currently available on private invitation to current members at $57/month
You can add any text content you like in any language on pages yes.

However please note that some parts are hard coded in English such as some buttons to login or other static elements

Yes there are quizzes for members, we call them assessments. They will allow your members to test their knowledge
Need more? Have a look at our knowledge base here
Yes! I want to speed up my results and get everything I need to succeed now.
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