All the Tools to Build and Scale Your Online Business Just One 'KLEQ' Away
Easily build, launch and scale your lucrative online business end-to-end with KLEQ... without any coding skills, plugins or a costly IT team.

Start today and begin making sales in just days, not months.
KLEQ Lets You Build High-Converting Digital Offers, Webpages, Funnels and Marketing Campaigns Super Fast!
(Zero Tech Skills Required)
  • Build, host, and manage digital products, services, courses, and memberships sites to generate revenue streams
  • Reach a bigger audience and have a greater impact by bringing in more leads and sales with 1-Click marketing campaigns, pre-built funnels and templates
  • Get more freedom and recurring income with powerful automations.
In the world of online marketing, KLEQ can be your unfair advantage.

Simply, no other platform makes it easier to build, launch and scale your online business.
Used Daily by Leading Internet Marketer and KLEQ Official Partner James Schramko...
James Schramko
"If you are looking for a simple and fast way to set up your online Business this is for you!
I LOVE this platform and my clients love it too"
Michelle Brown
"Thanks to KLEQ everything is easy and simple to use. Thank you!"
Jason Rogan
"KLEQ is the only platform that allows me to finally just focus on generating leads and sales."
Stevie Dillon
"Simple AND powerful. This team is awesome! I am glad I no longer have to struggle with lots of tech tools to run my business."
Janet Beckers
"If you want to make a greater impact with your own online programs this is the solution for you!"
Robin Nolan
"We now have multiple courses on sale and everything is running on autopilot. Simply Amazing!"
Dahlas Fletcher Weiss
"Just want to say how much I love it! Simply amazing"
Building and scaling a highly profitable online business that runs on autopilot is the dream...
But it's impossible without the right tools...
Working online, from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule... Now that's the dream. There's no better feeling – just ask anyone living it today.

If your goal is to build a lucrative online business where you no longer trade time for money, there's a simple truth:

Successful, automated businesses are built on having the right offer, creating the right systems, and building high-conversion marketing campaigns.

But sadly, far too many online businesses fail simply because they couldn't figure out the tech side of things, became overwhelmed, and had to let go of their goals.

Building and growing your online business is meant to be about more money, a better lifestyle, and having a bigger impact, right?

So... why is it that it often feels like you're wasting hours everyday struggling to make sense of plugins, HTML and payment gateways (instead of actually making sales)?
Got big plans for your online business but feel "stuck" without the tools you desperately need?
  • Are you frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed by all the different tools you need to build your online business...?

  • Are you wasting weeks or even MONTHS stuck in "analysis paralysis", trying to figure out different software, WordPress, and confusing plugins (instead of finding paying customers)...?
  • Are you spending hundreds of dollars a month on countless platforms instead of using your limited budget to acquire paying customers...?
  • Are you tired of having to hire expensive developers or an IT team to build your online business (even though it seems so simple in your mind)...?
  • Have you signed up for hyped-up platforms but none of them seem to have all the features you need (and it's IMPOSSIBLE to get customer support from a real person)...?

  • Are you frustrated with having to constantly tinker and troubleshoot tech issues rather than focusing on building your online business...?
Above all else, do you ever wish there was an easier faster way
to set up and manage your online business...?

So you can finally focus on what you're most passionate about and build a hands-off online business where you no longer have to trade your time for money.
What stage is your online business currently at?
I have an idea or offline business that I want to move online to create real income and freedom...
...But I'm overwhelmed by the number of tech tools I need to launch and don't know where to start.

Yes, that's me...
I have launched my online business and I'm making a few sales here and there...
...But I'm certain my marketing and funnels are holding me back and it feels like I need an IT team to figure it out.

Yes, that's me...
I have been selling a course or digital product online for a while now and I'm searching for the right tools to scale...
...But I'm frustrated by having to use countless platforms that only provide half the functionality I need.
Yes, that's me...
If you have a digital product to sell and big goals to achieve, KLEQ can help...
Launch Your Online Business, Sell Your Products and Services, and Build Your Community All in One Place with KLEQ
Easily and quickly build an end-to-end online business in days, not months. Then scale faster without multiple expensive platforms or needing to hire an IT team.
Create the Automated, "Friction-Free" Online Business That Finally Gives You the Freedom and Lifestyle You Crave
Here's How KLEQ Is Going to Transform Your Business...
Sell More Products & Services (With Less Effort)
With 1-Click Marketing Campaigns, Funnels & Templates
Just one successful funnel is all it takes to make your business explode. KLEQ makes building high-converting funnels easy – and fast. Instantly build money-making funnels and marketing campaigns from top to bottom with one click.
  • Launch new products faster and easier with "plug and play" marketing templates.
  • Easily build high-converting multi-stage funnels, including sales pages, thank you pages, webinars, and more.
  • Generate more revenue through 1-Click upsells, downsells and order bumps.
  • Use "ready-to-go" product launch sequences to best position yourself to bring in a downpour of sales from day one.
Plus, so much more...
Build a Powerful Online Presence & Loyal Community
With a Simple Website, Landing Page, Course & Membership Site Builder
Build your online business simply and quickly from the ground up. Whether it's a landing page, online course, membership site or social community, KLEQ lets you bring your digital products and services into the world faster.
  • Create any website page, online course or membership site within minutes.
  • Sell your in-demand services 1-on-1 through an exclusive coaching site.
  • Build a loyal community of paying clients via push-button membership sites.
  • Promote your offer, generate leads and sell more with sales pages and landing pages.
Plus, so much more...
Put Your Business on Autopilot & Gain More Freedom
With Powerful Time-Saving Automation
With KLEQ's advanced yet simple to use automation, it feels like you have an expert team managing your business 24/7. Free up your time to focus on high-growth activities (or kicking back and relaxing) by working on your business, not in it.
  • Sell around the clock with automated countdown timers, email timers, webinar systems and more.
  • Generate evergreen income with automated product launches.
  • Save time and money by automating your day to day business operations.
  • Setup and manage all your automations in one platform – instead of managing multiple subscriptions.
Plus, so much more...
Scale Faster & Generate Predictable Income
With a Proven-to-Convert "Plug and Play" Marketing Toolkit
KLEQ gives you a competitive advantage with an overflowing marketing toolkit filled with proven, battle-tested marketing features for simplified list building, launches, viral campaigns, and more.
  • Generate more high-value leads with opt-in boxes and 1-click sign ups
  • Craft the perfect offer and boost conversions with powerful A/B testing
  • Use deep audience segmentation to deliver user behavior-driven content
  • Sell more by harnessing the power of data with built-in analytics
Plus, so much more...
Smoothly & Securely Make More Sales
With Integrated Shopping Cart & Payments
KLEQ's built-in cart and payments system simplifies and optimizes your payment flow. Start accepting payments immediately without any time-consuming payment integrations.
  • Secure, built-in shopping cart for simple checkout and payments
  • 1-Click order bumps for boosting revenue instantly
  • Built-in affiliate system to build your army of revenue-growing affiliate sellers
  • Easy-activate promo codes to convert more and increase order value
Plus, so much more...
KLEQ makes running a successful online business incredibly easy... so you can share your gifts, reach more people, and have a bigger impact.
The end result? More fulfilment, freedom, and financial success that lets you design life on your own terms.
*Full access for 30 days. Cancel anytime.
KLEQ Is the Engine That Drives
Successful Online Businesses
With the power of KLEQ, building, launching and growing an online business is effortless. From sales pages to webinars, courses, evergreen marketing campaigns – and everything in between – it's complete digital empowerment.
Discover the last marketing platform you'll ever need...
(...that will save you a fortune by cutting the cord on every other expensive monthly subscription)
"No Code" Websites, Landing Pages & Sales Pages
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • High-converting page templates
  • Fully hosted solution
Build Your Own Community

  • Complete membership sites
  • Gamification, Quizzes & Assessments
  • Live Q&A sessions
Simple Online Courses & Coaching

  • 1-on-1 or group coaching
  • Private members only forums
  • Host video, audio and text content
Push Button Marketing Campaigns

  • 1-Click marketing funnels
  • Built in webinar system
  • Product launch sequences & cross promotions
Checkout, Sales & Upsells
  • Built in shopping cart
  • 1-Click upsells & downsells
  • Built in affiliate system
  • Promo codes & order bumps
Hands-Off Automation
  • Automated countdown and email timers
  • Automated product launches
  • Automated webinars
Conversion Booster
  • Audience segmentation
  • Viral share campaigns
  • A/B split testing
  • Opt-in boxes & 1-Click Optin
Advanced Security & Privacy
  • Firewall & SSL encryption
  • Daily & Weekly backups
  • GDPR & privacy compliance tools
Done For You Campaigns!
All the High Converting Marketing Campaigns that highly successful Online Entrepreneurs Use Come Built In!
Simply swipe proven, ready-made campaigns to start selling more...
  • List Building Campaign
  • Quick Sale Campaign
  • Live Sale Campaign
  • Self Liquidating Offer Campaign
  • Viral Share Campaign
  • Live Launch Campaign
  • Automated Launch Campaign
  • Live Webinar Campaign
  • Evergreen Webinar Campaign
  • Just In Time Webinar Campaign
  • Website Pages Campaign
  • Membership Site Campaign
  • Virtual Summit Campaign
  • Book Funnel Campaign
  • Segmented Campaigns & MORE!
*No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime.
Purpose built for creating and scaling these online businesses fast (no matter what stage you're currently at)...
  • Membership Sites
  • Digital Courses
  • Consulting Services
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • High ticket Services
  • Masterclasses
  • Paid Masterminds
  • Paid Communities
  • Live Events & Summits
Your Website Can Be Built Hassle-Free with KLEQ (Just like this one has...)
Powerful features and elegant design
to attract more customers and convert more sales.
Concerned about the security of your online business? Relax, we've got you...
One little security breach is all it takes to bring an online business crashing down. KLEQ's unparalleled focus on security helps secure and protect your business – and your customer's data.
  • Firewall & SSL encryption
  • GDPR & privacy compliance
  • Secure daily & weekly backups
  • Live chat support with security specialists
Build Your Entire Online Business from Top to Bottom with a Whole Lot Less Effort, Stress, Frustration and Time
Instead of relying on an infuriating tangled mess of software tools...
KLEQ gives you everything you need (and nothing you don't) in a simple yet powerful all-in-one online business platform.
Integrates Seamlessly with the World's Top Email Marketing Platforms
One of the No.1 rules of online marketing is that you should never rely on a website and funnel builder as your email provider.

Ask any super successful entrepreneur and they'll tell you... ANYBODY who is really successful online never trusts a marketing platform with their precious leads.

Because getting emails delivered, opened and avoiding getting blacklisted is incredibly complex. It's something only a dedicated email marketing platform can deliver. That's why we stay in our lane, when others don't.

KLEQ easily, deeply and seamlessly integrates with the world's top email marketing platforms like hand in glove. It's yet another reason 7+ figure entrepreneurs love KLEQ.
*Get full access to ALL features for 30 days.
KLEQ Mobile App!
Manage Your Online Business and
Grow Your Community from ANYWHERE
with the KLEQ Mobile App
The KLEQ app gives you even more freedom. Manage your online business, deliver your product or services, and engage with your loyal community all from your smartphone or tablet.
  • 100% Native iOs & Android App
  • Deliver Your Courses
  • Add Gamification
  • Reward Your Members
  • Live Streaming Sessions
  • Private Chat between Members
  • Private coaching with clients
  • Grow your forum
  • Connect inside Private Groups
Plus, much much more...
*Please note: The mobile app is an extra add on members can purchase if it's a good fit for your business for an extra $57 USD/Month.
Experience the True Meaning of
Having Full Control of Your Business
KLEQ Lets You "Own the Racecourse"
With KLEQ, you own the ecosystem your business is built on. You're in charge.

That means YOU own your customers, contact details and data.

You never have to worry about getting put out of business by being 'deplatformed' on social media or an algorithm change. (Trust us, we've seen far too many business owners learn this the hard way...)
"In all the successful online businesses I've built over the past 15+ years, 'owning the racecourse' has been my Golden Rule.

Today, it's more important than ever – and KLEQ is an "Own The Racecourse" friendly tool that gives you more control of your business, so you can generate leveraged income while working less and making more."
- James Schramko
Leading Online Marketer & KLEQ Partner
Imagine being able to do all this in one place...
(because now you can!)
Your course, community, coaching or membership site

Drag and drop sales pages, landing pages and blogs & more that fit your brand

1-click marketing funnels, live webinars, product launches & more

shopping cart, 1-click upsells & downsells, affiliate offers & more

automated countdown timers, launches, webinars & more

See, we're not exaggerating when we say KLEQ is the only tool you need to build, manage and grow your successful online business in combination with your email provider of choice...
*Get full access to ALL features for 30 days.
Life as an online entrepreneur is a whole lot better when your business is built on KLEQ
Scenario #1
A Day in the Life BEFORE KLEQ...
You host your digital product, sales pages, webinars, and every part of your funnel on different platforms... that are so disconnected it's like they don't speak the same language.

You aren't making progress because you waste days messing around with tech... instead of actually bringing in leads and sales (seriously, it's 6pm already?!)

You are forever spending a fortune on developers and programmers... just to get even the most basic parts of your website and marketing to work (OMG... Why can't I do this myself?!).

You patch together an ugly mess of a million plugins and a clunky WordPress site... because you're convinced that's the only way to build what you need.

You sign up for dozens of platforms the "gurus" are pushing... only to realize it's all hype and all you're doing is lining their pockets with fat commissions.

And where does this daily struggle leave you...?
Feeling frustrated, helpless, and not seeing the progress you want so badly, despite all your time and effort.
Scenario #2
A Day in the Life AFTER KLEQ...
You seamlessly build and manage your website, marketing funnels, course, webinars... and every other part of your online business in one connected place.

Your days are spent focusing on generating leads, making sales, and building your community (you know, the stuff you actually ENJOY)... with no more time wasted on tech troubleshooting.

You no longer have to put out "SOS" calls on Upwork or Freelancer for developers... because you can build your webpages and marketing funnels with zero coding skills.

You create marketing funnels, membership systems, shopping carts... and every other selling system you need with just the click of a button without a single plugin.

You finally have the single tool you need to build your online business... giving you the confidence to focus on growing your business and breaking down all tech barriers.

More than anything, KLEQ lets you stay focused on taking real action and creating value for your customers in a way that has them lining up to buy again and again...
...Instead of dealing with BS tech headaches.
We're Here to Help You Build Your Business
with REAL personal Support!
(Not Automated Bots or Outsourced Call Centers)...
For online entrepreneurs, there's nothing more frustrating than desperately needing support with no way to get it.

The endless black hole of talking to useless chat systems, half-baked knowledge bases, and getting bounced from one team to another, each more clueless than the last.

Oh... and don't even get us started on trying to talk to a real person when your Facebook ads get flagged...

At KLEQ, we know every minute spent chasing customer support is money lost in your business. That's why we make things simple...
When you need support, you get it.
Directly from the people who built the platform.
Something come up? We'll notify you how long it'll take to straighten out. No more checking your inbox hourly for days...

Fast support from real people who know their stuff shouldn't be revolutionary. But unfortunately the way the rest of the industry works, it is.
We support you through every part o
launching your lucrative online business,
including priceless marketing resources that reveal...
  • Which is the best launch strategy for your unique offer or service.
  • How to implement the right funnel structure to achieve the highest conversion rates.
  • How to craft conversion-focused copy that talks to your audience's deepest desires.
  • Simple ways to build sophisticated marketing campaigns using tried and testing marketing techniques.
  • How to easily set up automations without any coding skills to free up your time.
Plus, absolutely anything else you need to know about building and scaling your online business... Even if right now all you've got is an idea and a dream to monetize it!
Make More With Less!
Every Pro Tool You Need to Create, Market, Automate and Boost Your Online Business...
...No Hidden Upgrade Costs or Restricted Features
When You Sign Up For KLEQ Today,
You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses...
Bonus #1
Not Just Killer Marketing Technology, Kickass Proven Marketing Strategies Too...
Unlike other platforms, we don't simply take your credit card number and leave you to blindly try to figure things out. KLEQ Academy gives you the exact marketing strategies we've used to build your online business.

Inside the KLEQ Academy, we personally walk you through every step of building a successful online business with easy-to-understand step-by-step videos and guides. In other words, we do everything to make it impossible to fail.

Just some of what you'll learn with free access to the KLEQ academy...
How to Create Funnels That Sell
Copywriting Hacks
List Ignition
Traffic Bootcamp
Membership Site Profits
Content Creation Bootcamp
Outsourcing Blueprint
Launch Your First Course in A Weekend
Streaming Like A Boss
The SEO Checklist
Virtual Summit Blueprint
Plus so much more packed into...
18 courses that would typically cost you A LOT to buy.*
*Please note: these courses are exclusively available to KLEQ members. You won't find them available online anywhere else.
Bonus #2
Monthly Live Q&A Calls
Always Have the Answers You Need to Scale Your Business
Wondering what to do to take your business to the next level? Ask our expert team via exclusive monthly live Q&A calls.

In these coaching sessions, we'll answer your most pressing questions about creating an in-demand offer, generating traffic, designing a funnel that converts like crazy... and anything else you're dying to know.
Join KLEQ Today and Get Access to All the Bonuses Above...
Our 30-Day "Try Every Feature"
Risk-Free Guarantee
Try KLEQ for $1 and you'll gain access to every feature, marketing tool, and even lets you build, launch and make your first sale.

If for some unlikely reason KLEQ doesn't truly help you take that next step to building the business and lifestyle you crave, simply cancel anytime within the first 30 days. No hoops to jump through. No hard feelings.
*Cancel anytime. No lock in contracts. Zero risk.
How does KLEQ stack up against the others?
Take a look for yourself...
And this is just a glimpse of how much more powerful KLEQ truly is. Get started today to discover everything it has to offer.
As marketers, we built KLEQ to solve our own needs and frustrations with existing tools
Hey there, Online Entrepreneur...

We're John and James.

We've been building and selling online businesses since 2003 (that's like 100 years in internet time...:)

We started KLEQ more than 10 years ago out of frustration at the other tools out there. In fact, for years we kept KLEQ to ourselves.

Now, we make our secret weapon available to other entrepreneurs like you.

Know this, with KLEQ we only include what you need to get results... not extra fluffy features that just cost you more.

So, whether your idea of freedom is surfing, more family time or traveling, we know KLEQ can help get you there.

So, what'd you say... ready to give it a shot?
It's time to claim that freedom... with the limitless all-in-one marketing tool for action takers who want to
work less and make more.
True freedom comes when your ability to earn is no longer attached to your time. When you make money while you sleep, travel or spend time with your family.

When you don't have to be out there digging the ditch every day.

That's REAL freedom.

This is the power of leverage that KLEQ gives you.

So, are you ready to find your true freedom by building the online business and lifestyle you crave?
*$1 Trial for 30 Days. Cancel Anytime
Here is what they say..
"Thanks to KLEQ everything is easy and simple to use. Thank you!"
Michelle Brown
"Using anything else is just not an option!"
Charl Coetzee
"KLEQ is the only platform that allows me to finally just focus on generating leads and sales."
Jason Rogan
"Simple AND powerful. This team is awesome! I am glad I no longer have to struggle with lots of tech tools to run my business."
Stevie Dillon
"LOVE LOVE LOVE what the team has done with KLEQ"
Robin Nolan
"If you want to make a greater impact with your own online programs this is the solution for you!"
Janet Beckers
"Everything you need to succeed online. It's the ALL in one platform I've been looking for!"
Angela Henderson
"There is no way I would use anything else!"
Marty Ware
Yes! I want to speed up my results and get everything I need to succeed now.
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