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Take Your Online Business To The Next Level Superfast!
Quickly setup your site, pages, funnels, courses and products with drag n drop simplicity. Then take your business to the next level with advanced optimization, automation and segmentation.

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James Schramko
"If you are looking for a simple and fast way to set up an Online Business this is for you!
Setup Your Website
Your online business superfast
  • Build Your Brand Website
Add a home page, about page, contact page or any page you want. Fast!
  • Web Hosting Included
No need to struggle with any tech overwhelm, your website is hosted on the cloud.
  • Daily Back Up & Security
We take care of everything for you. Your website is safe and backed up every day.
  • Integration with hundreds of services
Deep integration with CRM systems. Quickly add Google analytics, Facebook Pixels and More!
  • Add a Blog To Your Site
Create awesome blog post articles and publish content whenever you want.
  • Search Engine Optimization
Easily Optimize your content with built-in Pro Tools and get free traffic from Search Engines.
  • Custom Domain Name Url
Your brand, your name. Activate your license with your own custom domain.
  • Live Customer Support
Whenever you need we are here for you. Simply contact the team via live chat.
Social Media & Course Expert
Stevie Dillon
"KLEQ allowed me to deploy advanced funnels very fast! I am glad I no longer have to struggle with lots of tech tools to run my online business."
Make it Beautiful
Customize it to match your brand style in a snap
  • Easy to use page builder
Create any page and customize it. If you know how to use a mouse you are over-qualified!
  • Hot templates ready to go
Pick a template from our designer galery to get started and simply tweak it.
  • Live Page Preview
See your changes instantly as you customize the page with drag n drop simplicity.
  • Beautiful on All Devices
Desktop or Mobile devices, Your pages look beautiful everywhere.
  • Add Videos, Audio, Images, Links
Simply select a "Block", add it to the page and customize the content fast.
  • Change fonts, icons, colors and more
Edit the content with custom font family to match your brand, tweak the style and make all perfect.
  • Custom html, css or javascript
Want to go under the hood? With KLEQ you can add any custom code or scrip to any page!
  • Stunning Members Area
Deliver your online courses and coaching in your own beautiful branded members area.
Marty Ware
Gardening Expert
"There is no way I would use anything else!"
Add Your Products & Services
Online Courses, Membership Sites, Coaching & More!
  • Unlimited Online Courses
Package your knowledge and sell it online in a multimedia online course. Make Money helping others get the results they desire.
  • Unlimited External products
Sell access to books, event, coaching programs or services withing KLEQ
  • Multi Level Membership sites
Get paid every month for access to your membership program. Create different levels.
  • Build Community Forums
Sell access to private community Forum. Sell access to everything or to individual forum categories.
  • Unlimited Digital Downloads
Quickly protect a page to deliver your digital downloads, ebooks, video & more
  • Unlimited bundles
Combine products and services together into bundles and sell them on their own.
  • Private groups
It's your own social groups inside your members area. Forget about slack or facebook groups!
  • Webinars & Streams
Run members only live stream sessions directly inside your members area for free, as a bonus or sell access to them.
  • Private/Group Coaching offers
Maximize your profits and the value of your offers with a private or group coaching elements.
Janet Beckers
Romance Your Tribe
"If you want to make a greater impact with your own online programs this is the solution for you!"
Build Your Audience
Convert More Visitors into Email Subscribers
  • High converting optin page templates
Create high converting landing pages and offer something of value in exchange for an email.
  • Deep Email & CRM  Integrations
Quickly add contacts to your email system of choice and go deep with advanced tagging
  • Offer Any Kind of Lead Magnet
Use a cheatsheet, a report, a book, a training, a video series or a webinar, a free course or anything to build your list.
  • Inline or Two Step Optin Process
Maximize your optin page conversions with either standard on page or 2-step optin forms.
  • Leverage Quizzes
Survey your audience and build a massive email list with unlimited quizzes.
  • Get FREE Traffic With Viral Shares
Activate this feature and One Lead become 4 and then turns to 20!
  • Optin Boxes
Build your email list anywhere. Create unlimited optin boxes and grab the embed code.
  • 1-Click Optin Links
Add contacts to different list with just 1 click.
Jason Rogan
Filmmaker & Producer
"KLEQ is the only platform that allows me to finally just focus on generating leads and sales."
Sell Your Offers (AKA Make Money!)
Convert more subscribers into customers
  • Any Kind of Sale Page
Create quick sale video pages, long form sale letter pages or a combination of both.
  • 1-Click Marketing Funnels
Deploy proven marketing funnels with just ONE click of your mouse. All the pages are setup.
  • Quickly Accept Payments Online
Get setup in a matter of minutes, connect your Stripe & Paypal account in beautiful order pages.
  • Multi Payment Options
Charge one time payments, payment plans, Subscriptions & Trials.
  • Setup Limited Sale Campaigns
Run deadline based campaigns and boost your revenue with real scarcity & urgency.
  • Product Launches & Video Series
Provide value with a "Product Launch" to maximize your profits.
  • Sell more with webinars
Run as many webinars as you want to boost your leads and sales.
  • No Transaction fees, You keep 100%!
All transactions go straight to your own accounts, we never charge any fees.
  • 1-Click Upsells & Downsells
Increase your profits by offering something else right after the main purchase.
  • Promo Codes
Give away coupons and discount codes to increase your sales.
  • Order Bumps
Instantly Boost the value of your offers, make more and increase your return on investment.
  • Get HOT Traffic From Affiliates
KLEQ comes with your own affiliate system BUILT IN. Nothing else to purchase.
  • Share & Import Campaigns
Import pre-built entire marketing campaigns or share your own campaigns with others!
  • Deadline Timers & Email Timers
Increase scarcity and urgency with built in page deadline timers. Add them to your emails too!
Special Kids Hero
Michelle Brown
"Thanks to KLEQ everything is easy and simple to use. Thank you!"
Deliver Awesome Experiences
Help your members get more results in a beautiful Members Area.
  • Drip Feed Content
Deliver your content on Autopilot or schedule the release to a specific date.
  • Progress Tracking
Reward Members as they complete lessons. Give them badges or start automations when they reach specific milestones.
  • Assessments
Help your members get the most out of your training. Create manual or automated assessments and reward them when they pass.
  • Gamification
Increase engagement, retention and satisfaction with Achievements, Titles and Trophies
  • Members Directories
Give access for free or Sell access to private member directory and leverage the power of networking.
  • Members Area Search
Help your members easily find any content on any course they have access to.
  • Rule Based Access
Give members access to content only If they have completed previous lessons or assessements
  • Display Member Names
Make it personal! Easily display the member name on any page of the members area.
  • Certificates
Reward members with a certificate of completion when they complete all lessons and pass all tests.

  • Celebration Animation & Sounds
Add excitement to your course. As members complete lessons, animations will appear and sounds will play on reward.
  • Dynamic Course Access
Give or Remove access to courses and bundles dynamically via actions and api.
  • Private Conversations
Built-In networking. Members can see each other profile and start private conversations.

  • Multi Notifications
Bring your members back to your membership site with Email notifications, Badge notifications, Browser notifications and app notifications.
Gypsy Jazz Expert
Robin Nolan
"We now have multiple courses on sale. Everything is running on autopilot. Simply Amazing"
Automate Your Business
Build a REAL online business working FOR you.
(AKA why the pros are switching to KLEQ)
  • Automated Campaigns & Webinars
Automated limited sales, automated launches, automated webinars, It's all Built In!
  • Automated Countdown Timers
Time based timers, Evergreen timers or registration based timers for true automation.
  • Behavior Tagging
Automate your marketing based on what your users do and select. Apply tags and segment.
  • Save the Dates
Customize your email content on the fly by saving data to custom fields.
  • Page Landing Actions
Start automations and segment audience when they land on a specific page
  • Webinar Events
Start automations and segment audience when they attend your webinar, see the offer or stay till the end of the session.
  • Slipping Away Actions
Start automations and segment audience If they do not access your members area in x days.
  • Delay Page Content
Boost conversions with delayed content. Show any content of a page only after x seconds.
  • Sale transaction webhooks
Send sale data to any third party system so you can do all sorts of advanced automation.
  • Dynamic Event Attendees & Questions
Display dynamic attendee and previously received questions on auto webinars
  • Automated Email Timers
Boost scarcity and urgency with automated email timers and make more sales.
  • Social Notifications
Dynamically show on the page whoever just opted in or purchased. Instant social proof!
  • Dynamic Redirects
Send users to different pages based on the tags saved in their profile.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
Customize the content of a page based on the audience group contacts belong to.
  • Video & Audio Events
Start automations and segment audience when they watch or listen to X seconds.
  • Cart Abandonment
Follow up with prospects if they land on your order pages but do not buy.
  • Progress & Assessment Actions
Start automations and segment audience when they complete lessons & pass assessments.
  • Registration Webhooks
Send a webhook to your KLEQ site and register users to advanced tools such as auto deadlines, auto webinars, launches & More!
  • Order & Upsell Actions
Start automation and segment audience when they purchase on order or upsell pages.
  • Grab & Pass Url Parameters
Deploy advance logic and actions based on url parameters you can pass between pages
Angela Henderson
Online coach and trainer
"Thanks to KLEQ everything is easy and simple to use. I had courses, funnels and my shopping cart setup very fast"
Boost Your Profits
Get even more traffic, leads and sales.
  • Cross Sell Your Courses
Easily offer other related offers to your existing members right there inside the members portal.
  • Segmentation Quizzes
Create powerful segmentation quizzes to build your list faster and maximize your conversions.
  • 2-step order pages
Use it for Book funnels or whenever you want to get more sales from order pages.
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Discover who your best members are and what is the lifetime value for each.
  • Native Mobile APP
Get your site on the App store in a matter of minutes and offer a 100% Mobile app experience. Coaching in your pocket!
  • Custom admin user permissions
Create unlimited Admin users and assign custom permissions to each of them so you control what they can or cannot do.
  • Exit Pop Ups
Maximize your conversion and make an offer when your users start leaving your page.
  • Web Notifications
Re-engage your members with built-in browser notifications.
  • Split Tests
Quickly discover which page is performing better with build in split testing.
  • Funnel Tracker
Get clarity on what is happening with your funnels and how each page is converting.
  • Source Tracking
Discover which traffic source is performing the best in a snap
  • Multi Currency Support
Sell your offers in different currencies and consolidate your sale with currency conversion.

  • Advanced E-Commerce Tracking
Track your E-commerce sales data with integration with Google Analytics & Others.

  • Tax Calculation
Add simple tax calculation or integrate with Tax Jar for more complex cases.
Allan Dib
Online coach and trainer
"An Excellent System For Getting More Leads & Sales"
Search Engine Optimization
Optimize your site and get organic traffic
  • Keyword Optimized Articles
Publish and optimize your articles with your desired keywords.
  • SEO Metadata
Customize the metadata of any page. Tweak your title, image and description metadata
  • XML Sitemap
Grab the built in XML sitemap and submit it to Google and the search engines.
  • Imagine Optimization
Your keyword optimized image file name are safely stored to help your SEO.
  • Page Slugs Optimization
Edit the name of any page and optimize it with your desired keyword. Create page hierarchies.
  • No follow links
Whenever you need mark any link as no follow and control what get's indexed.
  • 301 redirects
Mark pages as permanently moved with just a few clicks.
  • Custom code support
If you ever need, go under the hood and easily add custom code to any page.
Danny Thompson
Music Coach
"So easy to use, yet so powerful"
Add a Mobile App
Delight your members with a mobile app experience
  • 100% Native App
This means it is not just mobile friendly. Instead it is an App build for iOS and Android
  • Push Messages
Send push notification messages to your members and keep them engaged.
  • Courses on the Go
Your members can go through all their contents whenever and wherever they want.
  • Offline Mode Support
No internet connection? no problem, members can download for offline view.
  • No developer account required
Simply add your business to the app and you'll be live on the app in a few minutes.
  • Unlimited App Updates
We take everything for you. You get all app updates for free.
  • App Notifications
Members Instantly receive notifications when someone replies, likes or comments.
  • Live Stream Support
Your members only Q&A calls are streamed right inside the app.
* The mobile app is an extra add on you can purchase as a member
What makes KLEQ different?
Unlike other online platforms, you can be sure that there are no hidden fees or "upgrades" required to get access to all the features, everything is Built IN!

And you don’t have to wait days to get an answer neither...

We take great pride in providing premium support to ALL members and are here to help you.

So if you’ve got an idea, and you don’t know how to monetize it, or you want to know which marketing campaign would help you get the most amount of revenue, and get help on how to setup your business on autopilot, maximize your profits...

...Then joining KLEQ is definitely the best decision you can make right now!
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