(Previously known as 10XPRO)
- John Lint -
Founder & CEO

Meet John Lint

About John
John Lint is the president and founder at KLEQ and has been a serial online entrepreneur since June 2003 when he launched his first consulting online business.

Since then, John has been involved in very successful product launches, consulted with fortune 500 companies.

At age 35, John "kind of" retired as he now spends his time traveling the world running his online business from home/hotels wherever he is.

John tries to surf every day in Australia, Bali, Maldives, Thailand and the "fresh" cold waters of Vancouver Island Canada.

His experience includes, teaching others how to package their knowledge and sell it online, strategizing Funnels for high end clients and developing SAAS solutions in multiple markets.

He focuses on helping his clients take their business to the next level with his training programs, consulting services and softwares.

John is known for building softwares that help members simplify their business and make more.

He has mastered creating marketing Funnels that convert, takes the best practices and combines them with his experience to create amazing results.

You will love the simplification, automation and optimization John Lint can bring to your online business.

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