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How To Launch Your Offer?


Hey what's up guys, John here.

And in this video,
I want to talk about the launch funnel.
I'll give you a quick overview of a launch funnel.

You might have heard this before,
a product launch,
launching your products,
launching an online course.
And basically this funnel is quite easy, it's very easy,
it's all about providing value to your audience,
building that anticipation for a new product or a new service, whatever it is,
you can actually sell whatever you want with this.
It works on pretty much every single market that I've tested it.

And you know we've been doing this for years with clients and we've helped people run their product launches, multi-medium product launches, things like that.
But it's actually very simple to put together.

If we think about the strategy different elements,
basically, you have an optin page, right?
An optin page where you're going to tell them
hey, get enter your name and e-mail or just your email
and you're going to get access to this video series.

As part of a launch, what you're going to do, you're going to have a video series.
You're going to be providing value and usually you want to have three types of free videos, right?
So the video series are going to be three awesome videos.
It's going to like a mini course, if you like,
and you're going to be providing value,
you're going to be answering questions,
you're going to be destroying objections,
you're going to be creating anticipation for your offer,
but you're actually going to help people, right, in those videos.

So you're going to have the optin page,
when they optin they go to page number one, which is the video one.
And then you have two other pages which are going to be same just basically simple pages with a video, basically.

And in there,
you're simply going to be providing value.
You're going to tell them, hey this is how you can get that result.
This is how you can solve that problem, right?
That's what you do.

As you do that, you obviously, you can also have Facebook comments below the video,
and you can answer people,
and answer their questions,
and build that little community,
that social proof, all of that stuff, right?

So you're going to do that, three videos,
maybe one every two days or one every three days,
whatever you want.

Provide value,
build that for authority.
build that expert status,
build that positioning,
because as you teach, you're also going to basically increase your positioning in the marketplace, which is awesome.
And then, you'll simply going to open doors, right?
You're going to tell them,
alright, awesome, if you enjoyed my free videos, you're going to love this offer, right?
I have this thing, we have this product, this service, whatever it is,
and you basically tell them,
this is what I have,
this is what it will do for you
so tell them about the benefits,
this is what you need to do next.

The good thing with this strategy that you don't need to sell like crazy, because by now,
they know you,
they like you,
they trust you,
you provided value, right?
You have helped them out already.

So it's a simple matter of telling them
hey, this is what it is,
this is what you'll get,
this is how you can get it, right?
Basically that's it. And that's it!

That's basically the funnel,
when they purchase obviously they reach a thank you page.
You can also obviously have a order page in between, right?
So sales page, order page, thank you page, standard, right?
little shopping cart, and that's it.

Now when they purchase,
you can either deliver the service or you can basically add them to your membership site
and the membership so you can send them the e-mails, right?

Now, you can do all of that,
I've just described with KLEQ
which is our ALL IN ONE Marketing Software
which will allow you to easily create pages, funnnels, all that stuff.

But as a strategy,
that's what you want to do,
that's how a launch funnel works.

Hope that helps.
Thanks all for watching.
Have a great day.
Take care. Bye bye.

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