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Busy Mum Builds Online Business

Here is a great interview from KLEQ member Dahlas Fletcher on the superfastbusiness.com podcast.

In this episode, Dahlas shares:

+ How what started as a love for fitness became a whole new passion when Dahlas became pregnant.

+ How she sought advice for continuing her physical training and became knowledgeable in a very niche field.

+ How she started her own business around her new expertise in pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

+ And how BodyFabulous came about, and how it transitioned into the online space.

You can listen to the full interview on SuperfastBusiness.com

Key highlights from the episode:

01:12 – How getting pregnant opened a whole career

03:37 – Making the transition to business owner
06:03 – Working the pregnancy and postpartum niche
09:34 – Platforms and tech stacks
12:18 – "I don't want to pay for another 10 different systems..."
14:36 – Ease of use and peace of mind
18:26 – The BodyFabulous customer experience
20:40 – An Aussie marketer's point of view
22:48 – The super tool advantage
27:37 – What to do when the studio isn't an option
29:19 – Engagement as key marketing activity

A few Quotes from the episode:

"You can have any number of certifications, but running your own business is different"

"Success is not just about having a YouTube channel or this many Instagram followers. You need to send the right message."

"Choose a platform and commit to it, unless it's really causing a problem."

"There's always been a really good answer from KLEQ's end, which has made everything so much easier."

"Celebrities don't look nearly as polished when they're just using their iPhone."

You can listen to the full interview on SuperfastBusiness.com

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