Angela Henderson's Exclusive Bonuses!
Finally! Any Marketer Can Create Their Membership Site Business, Build Their Audience And Generate Sales Without Getting Bogged Down By Tech!
Is technology slowing your business down
instead of speeding up growth?

Here Are All The Exclusive Bonuses You Are Getting As Part Of This Special
Remember: This is Not available anywhere else, at any price or for anyone else.
This is exclusively reserved for Angela's friends and subscribers.
30 Days FULL Access to KLEQ 
Test Drive everything for just $1 USD!
When you join today you'll get instant access to KLEQ unlimited plan for the next 30 days.

No restrictions, you'll get FULL access to all the features and will be able to create unlimited pages, unlimited funnels, unlimited courses and unlimited automation.
Lifetime Discount
When you become a member today you will also become a founder circle member. And that means As a founder cicle member you'll save BIG every single month

After your 30 days trial access, you'll have the opportunity to secure your LIFETIME DISCOUNT. This means you'll never pay the normal retail price of $299 per month.

Instead you'll get a huge discount and will be able to renew for only $197/month USD!
Monthly Members Only Live Q&A Coaching Calls.
Every Month join us live for exclusive members only coaching calls where we answer any question you might have about your online business.

This is all about helping you getting more traffic, more leads and more sales.

And if you can't make it live, no worries the calls are recorded and the replay posted in the members area.
100% Access to The Online Business Training Academy
Get access to the entire collection of training programs to help you take your business to the next level superfast. Here is a snapshot of what you'll receive right now:

+ KLEQ Quick Start Guide class where John teaches you how to get started and set things up super quick in KLEQ

+ The More Money Now Class where you'll discover how to deploy and setup the best online marketing campaigns to double, triple or even quadruple your profits.

+ The Deep Dive training where John goes in depth about every feature of KLEQ This is the perfect training to give to a member of your team so they become a KLEQ master.

+ The Content Creation Bootcamp:  Discover how to quickly create online courses, training videos and content your audience will LOVE without spending a fortune on expensive gear.

+ The List Ignition Class: Discover how to build your own email list or hungry prospect. This class is all about helping you get your first 1000 email subscribers fast!
And we are Not done yet!!
+ Private Strategy Session With Angela!
Want to speed up your results? This bonus is for You.

Get a FREE private one on one strategy session with Angela.

This is your opportunity to connect with Angela and ask her any question you might have.
What is KLEQ?
The “Swiss Army Knife” Platform
Built for Digital Marketers
Lets you create and sell any product or service online
without relying on endless tools, plug-ins, or a developer

Tech should give you power to accomplish more in less time. Instead, most tech tools out there eats up ALL our entire day, sometimes weeks.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to a new all-in-one software platform built for lifestyle infopreneurs like you -- NOT for techie engineers!

With, you quickly create and sell any product or service online…

...without hiring a developer…

...without waiting months for your idea to come to life….

...without relying on endless tools, integrations, and plug-ins.

That’s because KLEQ gives you full control of your info marketing business with these tools:

Do-It-Yourself Landing Pages, Marketing Funnels, Shopping Cart, 1-Click Automation, Online Courses, Membership Sites, Affiliate System and More Conversion Tools!
*Kleq (previously known as 10xpro)
Online Courses:
Create a beautiful online course portal your students will love using. Add gamification to any course. Reward your members to get increase engagement and retention.
Membership sites:
Build an intuitive membership site in minutes to grow your subscription-based business.
Live streaming QA calls:
Easily offer group coaching live streaming session to your members, answer questions live and increase retention
Private Coaching:
Use private chat pages to coach your clients one-on-one. Sell access as a standalone offer or bundle it in as an amazing bonus. Instantly increase the value of your offer helping you make more money.
Members only forum:
Want to build a strong community and make more money? Simply add your own member's forum inside your member’s portal in a few clicks.
1-Click Campaigns:
Quickly deploy proven and battle tested marketing campaigns that convert! Easily Install a quick sale, list builder, flash sale, viral share, live webinar, and more! Select from a collection of done for you templates that have been tested in hundred of different niches online.
Intuitive Landing Page Builder:
Build any kind of page. Get started fast with beautiful pre-built templates. Easily Customize them with drag-and-drop--no coding or design experience required.
Built in shopping cart:
Start accepting payments online in a matter of hours. No more wasting time with complicated merchant account application.
1-Click Automated Product Launch: Using PLF? Set up an entire product launch campaign and run it on evergreen. It only takes ONE click to deploy, once you have your video content uploaded. All videos are released on autopilot based on each contact’s registration date.
Deploy Gamification:
Drive up membership engagement and course completion. Walk your new students through your course or new members through your portal. Deliver your online course or membership site content on autopilot.
Automated funnels and beyond:
Easily create any automated funnel: list building Funnels, automated product launches, automated sales, and even automated webinars! It’s all built in.
Run evergreen webinars, just-in-time webinars, or weekly automated webinars with no extra tools, scripts, or systems.
Dynamic Content & Segmentation:
Personalize your content for different segments automatically--without custom script. Dynamically deliver custom content on the fly!
Advanced custom tagging:
Customize your user’s experience based on their actions. Did they watch x minutes of your videos? Apply a tag. Did they watch more? apply another tag...everything is deeply integrated with your email system.
Countdown timers:
Add scarcity to your offer with a deadline timer. Put it on your landing page AND email! It's All Built In!
Built-in affiliate System:
Maximize your revenue with qualified, endorsed traffic. Simply activate the included affiliate system within your site.
1-click upsells/downsells, order bumps and Promo codes!
Maximise your profits and make more money from your existing traffic.
Opt-in lightboxes:
Drive up opt-in rates from your website visitors. Take the power of KLEQ on the road and embed it wherever you want.
Viral share campaigns: get FREE traffic by getting your visitors to invite their friends.
  • Deep Integration with your Email Service Provider: Advanced automation features work seamlessly with your current email system. Unlike others you are not forced to switch email system to do advanced automation.
  • Social notifications: Remove friction with social proof. Show your website visitors who’s purchasing.
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Dynamic redirects
  • Split testing
  • Webinar tagging
  • Page landing tagging
  • Link click tagging
  • Quick stats
  • Behavioral trigger automation
  • 1-click sign-up links
Unlike most tech companies, you get fast,
dedicated support from KLEQ

When you have a question or technical issue, most tech companies will:

1) Make you dig for your answer yourself in a help forum

2) Have you fill out a support ticket, then won’t answer you for 2 days (if they even do!)

3) Put you on hold for an unbearingly long time (who has time for that?)

Look, we know getting tech support is a headache.

We doubt you’ll have tech issues or questions--because KLEQ is so easy to use. Regardless, you’ll still get answers and help quickly.

That’s why we’re limiting access to KLEQ to a small group. Which means, you have dedicated support when you need it.

Because we want to keep a small user base, we won’t keep this offer available for too long.

Don’t be mistaken. This isn’t
just another shiny tool…
KLEQ is not a snake oil. And it’s certainly not for people with “shiny object syndrome.”

Instead, KLEQ is for infopreneurs dedicated to growing their business. KLEQ gives your business simplicity--by having all your tools in one place.
If you already have a thriving business, you get more momentum with KLEQ.

If you have an idea, you can go from idea to implementation in a shockingly quick time.

Keep reading to see what KLEQ users say....

Watch What Our Members Are Saying
"Using Anything Else is NOT An Option! By far the best All-In-One platform"
"I Love how simple KLEQ is to use & no longer need to struggle with a bunch of tools"
"What used to take weeks can be done in a few hours!"
"KLEQ has everything I need to succeed. Online courses, pages, funnels, automation"
"I can Finally just focus on generating leads and getting more sales."
"Simply Amazing! Everything is running on autopilot!"
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s included in this offer? Are there any upsells?
There are no upsells with KLEQ. We realize this is a lot of features.

And right now, you might be wondering why we packed this all into one platform.

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we were getting tired of an endlessly growing stack of tech tools.

Every time we wanted to implement a new campaign, a new idea, a new test...we’d have to find (and pay for!) a new plug-in or platform.

That’s why EVERY FEATURE you see listed on this page are included in this offer.

How is KLEQ different from ClickFunnels, Kajabi or all the other marketing tools?
While there are other solutions out there, KLEQ is the only one with advanced automation and segmentation tools built in.

Other solutions are limited to good page builders but that's it.

When you want to add a true automated countdown timer, you need to purchase a script or system for $47 per month. When you need an email countdown timer, that costs another $47 per month. When you want to do a viral share campaign, you’re paying an additional $67 per month. What about order pages? That costs you $97 extra per month.

And it goes on and on and on...until you end up with hundreds of dollars per month in expenses for plenty of tools that you then need to figure out how to stitch together.

We don't believe in that. In fact, we’re sick of it.

With KLEQ, you have ONE solution to get you started fast, get results, and scale. It is all built-in and with today's special offer you secure your discount and get in at the lowest price ever.

KLEQ simplifies your tech toolbox, rather than adding to it. KLEQ can replace your landing page builder, your online course portal, your membership portal, your funnel builder, your webinar tool, and more!

If I have a support question, who can I ask?
Our support team is available to help you and will respond in less than 12 hours--although we’re usually MUCH faster than that.

During regular business hours, we have live chat, premium email support, and an easy-to-search Knowledge Base.

You won’t be alone on this!

I’m not tech savvy. How long will it take KLEQ to be up and running?
We specifically designed KLEQ to be easy for even the least tech-savvy entrepreneur to use.

How long it takes to use depends on what you’re building.

We’ve seen users create and launch their online course within hours.

KLEQ gives you 1-click templated campaigns and landing page templates that make it easy for you to build what you need in record time.

Can I still use my Email Service Provider? And will this integrate with my ESP?
You don’t have to switch email systems to use KLEQ.

You can still use any emailing service and any autoresponder.

We have deep integration with most emailing systems (InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Ontraport, Aweber)

KLEQ is the ONLY platform that works perfectly with your existing emailing system without forcing you to use another system (unlike others…)

You can apply advanced tagging into your email system with KLEQ--so you never lose any valuable behavioral data.

And in the event your email system is not deeply integrated yet you’ll also be able to pass some key action data collected to your Email Service Provider seamlessly via Zapier API integration.

Other Common Questions
Can I use KLEQ to create a membership site?
Yes absolutely, you can build a recurring revenue business with KLEQ and sell access to your content on a subscription basis.
Are the pages mobile optimized and responsive?
Yes absolutely everything is optimized with mobile in mind. It works beautifully on desktop tablets and phones.
Is this a Limited Special or Can I join later?
Yes this is a limited private invitation. This is an opportunity to get a lifetime discount on KLEQ


If you choose to wait, You can certainly do that...

However, This offer will expire once the countdown reaches zero

So it pays to get in early. Click on the button to get started now.
Will there be training along with the purchase?
Yes not only are you getting all these bonuses but there is training and support in 3 ways.

#1 through the training provided in the Knowledge base where we have a library of help guides to get you up and running fast.

Then #2 as a founder circle member you get priority concierge level email support. This means that your questions gets priority and will be answered first before anyone else.

And #3 you also get Live chat access support during business hours.
Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, 30 days No questions ask money back guarantee

Very simple, if you are not happy you get your money back.

We are not in the business of hassling people, if you simply feel this is not for you then simply take advantage of the 30 days money back guarantee, the team will cancel your account, you'll lose access to your founder circle discount, that is not something that will be made available to you again

But remember guys this is an invite only special, there are 3 rules you need to meet before you join, here they are

#1 - you must actually use the platform,
#2 - you must provide your input on improving the software along the way.
#3 - if you love KLEQ as much as our current members do, you must agree to be willing to share your feedback and testimonial.

So if you don't plan on taking action and using the software, and that means activating your license within the next week, please don't apply because there are only a limited number of spots available today

So if you don't plan on using the software, then let others take advantage of this special.
Can I use my own domain name for KLEQ?
Yes absolutely, unlike other solutions you can easily use your own domain name with KLEQ. When activating your license you have 2 options you can select to use one of our M10PRO domains or you can simply add your own.

The team will then set everything for you, you site will be setup, the database will be setup, the daily back up will be setup.

Do I need a web hosting account?
No you do not need to host your site. KLEQ takes care of everything and the team will also setup all the daily backups.
What happens if I want to cancel?
If you later decide KLEQ is not for you. If you don't think KLEQ is the best solution to create and sell your knowledge online. You can simply contact the support team and easily cancel your subscription.  You will be able to use KLEQ until your next billing cycle and you won't be charged again.
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